Pre-season Distribution 2010

Hi there -
Because not everything is quite ready, we will not start official distributions until next week. But, I did have enough to offer a limited number of boxes. So, 15 people signed up for this distribution - $20 for the box. I called it a mini-box but it's not really that mini.

To cook greens, check the recipe blog under a posting called Basic Greens recipe.

What to do when you come:
1. Pick up a box.
2. Check your name off the list, indicating you've picked up a box. Your name is not on the box this year.
3. Read the informational sheet to find out what and how much to take from the green table.
4. Pick up items from the table on the left.
5. Check your box. If there's anything you don't want, place it on the extra's table.
6. Take an extra item if you'd like.
7. Return your box from last week (if applicable). Some people find it easier to bring their own bag at pick up. That way you don't have to store a box all week and remember to bring it back.

You will find a table on the left which is covered in a green cloth - this holds any items that are not in your box - so today you'll find the flowers, herbs and a pile of nettles and a pile of lambsquarter. There should also be an instruction sheet posted which will remind you about what to do and how much to take. On the right is a black table. This includes extras. Today there are a few mustard green bunches and maybe an extra lettuce. This is where you should place any item from your box that you don't want and, if there are items there, take one. Don't take everything though because people coming after you might want something. If you're one of the last people to pick up, feel free to take as much as you'd like. Over time, the contents of this table will grow.
Returning members will notice that the boxes this year are smaller than last. Last year I rarely filled the boxes and they just took up too much room. So, I think these will work a bit better. I'm closing them and stacking them. Since the boxes are wax-coated, the produce should remain hydrated. Let me know how the produce holds up. If it's really wilted you should be able to soak it in cold water and it should snap back but please let me know if you have any comments.

Here's a picture of today's contents.

The box includes the following:
1. A bunch of mustard greens (green band)
2. A bunch of arugula (red band)- some people saute arugula but I like it fresh. It's kind of peppery today - the recent heat has brought on the spice.
3. A bunch of either kale or collards and their buds (blue band) - some bunches are heavy on buds and others are heavy on greens. The buds are tasty either fresh or cooked like broccoli. The flowers are pretty in a salad. This is probably one of the last pickings from this crop. It all wintered over and we've been eating it since March but now it's starting to go to seed so we'll pull the plants soon.
4. A bunch of chard (yellow band) - you can eat this fresh or sauteed.
5. A bunch of green leaf lettuce (yellow band)

On the table to the left you have the option to choose:
6. Either a bunch of nettles or a bunch of lambs quarter (both yellow)
7. A sprig or two of each of: thyme, oregano, and sage
8. A few sprigs of mint and lemon balm. The mint and lemon balm are in the glass vase - one is yellower than the other (the lemon balm). We mix these into yogurt and eat with chick peas or seasoned goat meat (like a gyro) or make tea or use with pork.
9. One sprig of rosemary (they're small because rosemary is a pretty slow grower here).
10. One iris
11. A small bunch of chives. The flowers are pretty in a vase and last a long time. You can also eat them - they're really tasty fried in oil with a sprinkle of salt - not quite as bad (fat content)as a blooming onion and very very tasty. Of course the entire chive can be eaten.

We hope you enjoy your box! Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.


  1. Can't wait. I got asparagus and radishes at the Farmer's Market, too.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Wow, I came right home and had two eggs fried in olive oil for dinner. Tonight I made myself a beautiful salad with arugula and lambs quarter! The texture and flavor of the greens is outstanding! Yum!