Summer - Week 1, May 30 & June 2

Hello -
The first week was a good one compared to last year as the weather has been so much warmer and drier than last year.  Hope you enjoyed the veggies.  Here is what we distributed:

  1. A nice bunch of chard
  2. A bag of spinach - good for salads
  3. A bag of lettuce - pretty tasty
  4. A bunch of carrots.  Hope you enjoy them - they were planted January 9th in the small hoop.  It might be a few weeks before we get carrots again.  I often wash them and scrub them instead of peeling so that I don't waste the carrot.
  5. A pint of peas (either shelling peas or sugar snaps) or a quart of fava bean shoots.  The peas are best raw.  The fava shoots are tasty if you cook them until soft - I saute in oil and salt and add water to steam.  It takes a while to cook - maybe 15 minutes.
  6. A bunch of arugula - this is good raw as a snack or in a salad or saute.  One of the highest in protein of greens.  The buds and flowers are a special treat - kind of nutty.
  7. A bunch of mustard - if you still have the arugula and mustard, try mixing into a pesto with a little oil and salt.  It's tasty on sandwiches or as a side with eggs or on pasta.
  8. A bunch of green onions.  These are actually immature bulbing onions and are very tasty.  You can eat the whole thing.
  9. A bunch of cilantro.
  10. Some thyme, oregano, chives and sage.

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