Heart of winter - distribution 2 - January 23

Hello!  We're officially into winter, I think.  With sub zero temps some of the plants in the hoops, especially the choi, are showing some wear.  We've tried to sort through it but if we missed some spots, please cut off any brown tips.

Bug alert:  There might be aphids or other bugs in the napa cabbage or the choi.  If you soak the veggies in some salt water the bugs should float to the top.  I generally just briskly swish the veggies around in water and the aphids, if there are any, let go.

Today's veggies include:
  1. A quart of potatoes.  These are the last of the crop from 2012.
  2. A bunch of carrots - they don't get better than this.
  3. A quart of onions.  This is a bit more than we generally distribute but I thought you might like them.
  4. A bunch of choi - this is optional because it really did take a beating with the freeze.  It is really very tasty even though it might look bad.  I would cook this up tonight or tomorrow night if you take it.
  5. A head of napa cabbage.  Some are more like large open plants but they're still good.  I have a recipe for asian cabbage on the recipe blog that you might like to try.
  6. 2 large daikon radishes.  Cut these up and eat raw or shred and make a salad or use like a root veg and add to a stew.
  7. Spinach or salad mix or both if there's enough
  8. Garlic
  9. Rosemary
  10. Thyme - if it's not dead.  Last week it looked good but the cold snap might have changed things
  11. Spicy peppers - either cayenne or aji or, upon request only, ghost.  These are dried.

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