Week 1 - Summer

The summer season started off well with a pretty solid distribution.  While the number of veggies are fewer than what you'll see in the future, we tried to provide a decent quantity per person (although some were smaller than they will be after the plants get going).  Hope you enjoyed it.  I will say that the next few weeks might be a bit less as we wait for the field plants to really get growing.

Here's the list from week 1:

  1. A bunch of kale or chard or cooking spinach or lambs quarter
  2. A bag of lettuce
  3. A bag of spinach
  4. Either turnips or radishes
  5. Either rhubarb or sweet peas
  6. Either parsnips or pea shoots.  Pea shoots can be eaten raw (in a salad) or sauteed.
  7. A bag of salad mix (this contained small salad turnips which you can treat as radishes - the leaves are pretty tasty too).  You can eat this fresh or saute - it is a mix of yukina savoy, mizuna, etc.
  8. A bunch of green onions or large chives
  9. A bunch of arugula
  10. Herbs - some thyme, oregano and parsley
  11. Spicy peppers - thai - these are very spicy.

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