Week 4 - June 23 & 26

This week's box contains the following:

  1. A nice bunch of tat soi - the last until fall - yellow band (see last week for comments).
  2. 1 Kohl rabi. A few of these have split but you can still peel them and use them. Saturday's box might not include these - depends if they grow. If not, I'll add something else. You can peel these with a knife (like you would a turnip) and slice and sprinkle with a little salt. Or you chop and add to a stir fry for a little texture - kind of like a water chestnut but not quite as crunchy. They're sweeter in the fall (as are all brassicas) but also pretty good now.
  3. 1 carrot. I know - only one. These are Sugar Snax. They're starting to gain in size so I went through and pulled out a few. Try grating these with the medium sized hole on your box grater and adding to salad. It will add some color and the carrot will go further. Returning members might be happy to see that these are nice and long. Last year I grew Danver's Half long - they're shorties and I'm not growing them this year.
  4. Either peas or broccoli - on the table.
  5. A bunch of arugula - we might have one more week of this but after that it will be a while - on the table for Wed. and should be in the box Sat.
  6. A bunch of collards. Some are very large bunches. There will also be extra on the table so help yourself. If you don't want it all, you can put some back. You might want to blanch and freeze a little for winter.
  7. Lettuce - Yellow band or in a bag - this will be on the table for Wed. and should be in the box Sat.
  8. 4 or 5 beets - blue band.
  9. A large bunch of chard - combo of Argenta, Rainbow and Bright Lights.
On the table:
  1. Herbs including chocolate mint, pineapple mint, rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cilantro and sage.
  2. I might put out some jars of lavender. I don't know if I have enough jelly jars to fill one for each member but maybe you can take 1/2 a jar each. You can use the lavender for cooking (herbs de provence mix with rosemary and thyme) or dry them and make a sachet for your drawers. Or just place them on your table and enjoy the fragrance.
Extras on the Extra Table:
  1. Wednesday members - I pulled the last of the mustard so you can take some. I might be able to hold it over until Sat. but I'm not sure.
  2. I cut the carrot tops and kohl rabi tops off of the veggies. I'll leave the greens on the table so if you'd like them for soup stock, help yourself. Whenever I make split pea soup or chicken noodle soup I add these tops to the stock. The carrot tops add a lot of flavor and can be simmered for a long time. Any tops of grees add another dimension and vitamins to the water. I discard them when I strain the stock. Check the recipe for chicken stock on the blog for more info.

1 comment:

  1. I ate my kohlrabi and peas while cleaning the share. The peas were soooo sweet and the kohlrabi a great crunchy snack. Thanks!