Week 5 - June 30 & July 3

I forgot to include the box of peas, herbs and flowers for this picture.

Happy 4th of July week to all!

This week's box contains the following:

  1. 1 Kohl rabi. You can peel these with a knife (like you would a turnip) and slice and sprinkle with a little salt. Or you can chop and add to a stir fry for a little texture - kind of like a water chestnut but not quite as crunchy. They're sweeter in the fall (as are all brassicas) but also pretty good now. Another way to use these is to make a kohl rabi salad - use a mayonnaise-based dressing, dice the kohl rabi and mix with chopped apple and carrots and a little bacon.
  2. A small bunch of carrots. These are in water in a 5 gallon bucket. Take one banded bunch. These are a combination of Sugar Snax and Nelson. The skins are thin so you should be able to wash them with a green scrubbie in order to peel them - this will save you a bit of carrot. I generally grate them when I add to a salad - spreads the carrot around more.
  3. Either peas or broccoli or summer squash - on the table. If we have enough of each, I'll add to each box.
  4. A bunch of kale.
  5. Lettuce - Yellow band or in a bag. The bunch is green leaf lettuce (Black Simpson). Also in the box are some thinnings of romaine lettuce. Some has headed up but others are small. It includes the roots and is a bit dirty. We tried to clean it up but if you want to leave it here (don't want to deal with it) - just place it on the table. It is tasty though.
  6. 6 or 7 beets & tops. Saute the tops and either cook or eat the beets raw. If you need help with how to cook, please let me know. The bunch might include Chiogga, Detroit Red, or Touchstone Gold. Probably only a few more weeks for beets - until fall.
  7. A large bunch of chard - probably green this week. This will be in a box on the ground for Wednesday group.
  8. Two or three onions - probably smallish - red or white. If the tops are included you can use them in cooking. Try these when you make your potato salad this weekend.

On the table:
  1. Herbs including chocolate mint, pineapple mint, rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cilantro, sage, and french tarragon.
  2. Some flowers, as available. Take a small handful - this will probably include yarrow, lavendar, calendula, and some snap dragons.
  3. Arugula - this is really the last week for a while.
Possible Additions:
  • Peppers - either a few spicy peppers or some sweet peppers. I'll see what's ready. Make sure you know what you're taking if the spicy ones are out. I'll label them but be careful, when the habeneros or other spicy peppers are out, that you don't take one thinking it's sweet.


  1. I made a salad with raw grated beets last weekend and took it to a block party. It was quite tasty! (even for someone like me, not a big fan of beets)

    Basically: grate the beets (I used my food processor), then toss with a dressing made from lemon juice, dijon mustard, oil, garlic (I might have used a scape - I forget exactly), and tarragon. I used my Capella tarragon and supplemented with some from the plant on my porch.

  2. Hi there -
    That's a great reminder about a beet appetizer that Angela Madaras shared with me. It's posted on the recipe blog. I'll add this one too. Thanks Tricia.