Week 5 - Spring Season

Hi all -
Last week's weather was so favorable for planting that I didn't get around to posting about the box contents.  Here's this week's list:

  1. A bunch of radishes - combination of Cherry Belle, Shunkyo (semi-long) and Hailstone.
  2. A bunch of turnips - these are Hakurei.  They're a smaller turnip which grows quickly and is sweet.  Try them raw with a little salt.  Nathan eats them like an apple and can't get enough of them.  They're also good to add to stir frys - kind of like a water chestnut.
  3. Arugula - red band
  4. Spinach - bag
  5. Swiss Chard - blue band
  6. A large bunch of Kale - green band.  This includes some large stems.  If you saute them first for a while (add some water to steam) then add the leaves, the stems will soften and are tasty.  Some are too woody to eat but most are great.
  7. Lettuce - leaf lettuce in a bag
  8. Choi - some of this includes flowers - cut them and put them in a vase or eat them.  They're tasty and pretty.  You can sprinkle them into a salad for a nice burst of color.
Optional items will include parsley, thyme and sage.

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