April 6 - Spring Season Week 3

More tasty spring greens!

The box contains the following:
  1. A bag of leaf lettuce
  2. A bag of spinach
  3. A large bunch of kale - either Lacinato, Red Russian or Siberian.  The Lacinato is darker green and smaller-leaved.  It takes a bit more time to cook than the other two varieties.
  4. A bag of mache a/k/a corn salad - sprinkle this on your salad
  5. A large bunch of chard
  6. A bunch of radishes.  These are small but they're starting to bolt.  Saute the greens.  If there's a radish, enjoy it.  They were planted at the end of October and never sized up.  We should have "real" radishes in one to two weeks.
  7. A bag of Asian greens
  8. A bunch of mustard
On the table you'll find the options of thyme, parsley, sage, a little arugula and extra mustard.


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