Week 7

Week 7's box included the following:
  1. One kale plant - strip the leaves and sprouts off of this plant and cook as usual
  2. One bunch of yukina savoy or mizuna - either can be eaten fresh or cooked
  3. Beet greens or turnip greens or turnips or beets
  4.  Bunch of lettuce
  5. Bag of spinach
  6. Salsify - see my e-mail from last week re. how to use this root veggie
  7. Parsley or cilantro
  8. Sorrel - chop up and use fresh in a salad or cook lightly and use in place of lemon - very tasty
  9. One or two heads of garlic - this is nearing the end of its storage life so some cloves are sprouting but most are still good.
  10. Some thyme

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