Spring - Week 5, April 18, 2012

Members picked up another box of tasty veggies this week.  Here's the list:

  1. A large bunch of radishes
  2. A bunch of either daikon radish greens, broccoli raab or beet greens
  3. A bunch of leeks
  4. A large bag of lettuce
  5. A large bunch of spinach
  6. A bunch of mustard
  7. A bunch of kale
  8. A bunch of radicchio (does anyone like this?)
  9. A head of garlic
  10. Some fresh thyme
  11. Some fresh oregano
  12. Some fresh rosemary


  1. We like radicchio! We mix up fresh herbs and goat cheese and roll it up inside a leaf. ~Joelle and Laura

  2. I am so happy that you posted this tip. This is the third time I've planted this. The first time, we built the 2nd hoop right over the bed where it was planted so that was that. The second time it didn't make it to maturity before I needed the bed for something else. This time, I finally gave it enough time to do its thing. At least 1 member has enjoyed it and knows how to use it! I'll try the wraps.

  3. My radicchio was quite bitter. I used a recipe I found in a book and it didn't help much. Maybe I'll try the goat cheese roll-ups...