Week 7 - July 14 & 17, 2010

Hi all - here's the plan for this week:Flowers and herbs not shown in this picture.

Wednesday's box weighs about 14 lbs.
  1. A large bunch of chard - blue band
  2. A decent amount of kale - green band
  3. A relatively large bunch of beets. I'm pulling these now as they're reaching the end of their growing cycle. They don't like the heat. So there's a mix of small and large in the box today. I also included the greens although some are a bit chewed up. I know some people like them so I kept them on the beets. Throw them away if you have had enough.
  4. A large bunch of carrots - these will again be in a bucket on the ground. Please take a bunch. These are either Nelson or Sugar Snax.
  5. A nice bunch of lettuce - either Black Seeded Simpson or Avenue.
  6. A few onions - these are freshly dug so you should let them dry in a dark area - let the stems dry until they fall off (or use right away, which is best, in my opinion).
  7. About 6 summer squash per box. These include yellow crook neck, straight crook neck (yellow), cozelle (green), baby bush (green), zephyr (yellow and green - half and half) and eight ball (a little ball - very cute) and Starship (a patty pan that looks like a space ship).
  8. 3 or so cukes. Some are short (about 5" long and slightly spiky) - this is Adam. The others are longer and darker green - this is Marketmore. Both are parthenocarpic which means they are self-pollinating. They were started early in the hoop. Some were transplanted out to the field and are producing. Oh, the joys of the hoop!
  9. Probably 1 or 2 tomatoes per box (might be on the table). Again, these wouldn't be available without the hoop. The tomatoes in the field won't be ready for 2 - 3 weeks.
  10. One head of garlic. Again - this isn't fully cured. If the stem is on, let it stay until it dries up and falls off. Or, use this right away. Fresh garlic is very tasty.
  11. Purslane (in Wednesday member's box - Saturday members received this last distribution). See the "What's Going On" blog for an idea on how to use this. Also, I'll post a recipe that Michelle contributed re. a potato and purslane salad.
  12. A box of potatoes. These are a mix of Yukon Gold, Adirondack Blue, Kennebeck (red), Russian Bannana and Butterball. Very tasty. We harvested some potatoes from plants that were done and will harvest a few more for Saturday. For those of you who are half-share members, I'll hand these out again on an alternating week from this week - but probably not next week since they're still growing. These are very tasty and very fresh. I highly recommend trying these before those in your pantry. If you don't use them right away, keep them in a cool, dark place. They're not cured yet so the skins are soft and will scrape easily.
  13. The box option (on the table) will include a choice of beans, peppers or broccoli.
  14. Herbs - on the table - basil, sage, thyme, mint, tarragon, rosemary, lavender, etc. as available.
  15. Flowers, as available - take a small bunch. There should be a mix of snap dragons, coleus, larkspur, calendula, yarrow, lavender, edible marigolds, and maybe a few sunflowers.
  16. Extra chard for Wed. Take a large bunch if you'd like. It's in a box on the ground. Sat. will be something else - check the notes.