Week 11 - August 11 & 14

Don't forget - work day Saturday from 9 - 12. If you can come, bring weeding gear (hoe or hand weeders are great), bug spray, long sleeves (to keep the bugs off), and long pants (same). If you have a sharp knife (I like our straight edge steak knives) or bypass pruners, that can be helpful too if you work on pruning the tomatoes. We might harvest potatoes, etc.

As far as I know, bugs shouldn't be an issue today. I saw a couple of cabbage worms in the kale but it's pretty clean. As always, you can soak the broccoli in salt water if you would like but it should be pretty bug-free (if we have any).

Check out the Summer Squash Soup with Salsa Verde recipe which Sheryl forwarded. It's excellent!

This week's box weighs approx. 16 - 19 lbs. which includes 1/2 a melon.

- One head of cabbage - either Famosa (savoy leaf), Red Ruby, or Early Jersey Wakefield (oval in shape, sometimes cylindrical, green)
- One bunch kale - either Lacinato (dinosaur) or Siberian Improved
- 4 - 6 squash. These are larger than in the past. Try grilling them - I posted our method on the recipe blog
- 4 - 5 cukes - The cukes now have downy mildew (along with the melons, unfortunately). Cukes probably will only last another 2 weeks unless the new product I purchased (Serenade) works.
- One head garlic
- One or two onions
- One pile or box of potatoes (from table). Please leave the large boxes - I'm running out.
- Not sure if there will be eggplant for each box. If not, choice of eggplant or okra
- One box tomatoes (from table) - please leave the large boxes at the farm - we're running low on these. Many of these are ARK varieties - all are heirloom and most are rare.
- One or two sweet peppers - again, many of the peppers are ARK varieties, heirloom and rare.

Optional/Self-serve items:
- 1 1/4 lbs. beans (if you want more, I'll most likely have it available for purchase this week). These will be in a bucket on the ground. Please weigh them out using the scale. There are bags on the shelf on the left.
- I'll leave out some New Zealand Spinach - this is good sauteed or add the leaves to a salad.
- I'll leave out a box of chard - take a lb. if you'd like. I know a lot of people are getting tired of greens so thought I'd cut back this week.
- Either beets on Wed. or carrots on Sat. - there aren't many - I dug up the remaining stragglers before I replanted the west garden with fall crops.
- Flowers - check the table to see how many
- Herbs - read the notes
- Spicy peppers

- There's a ton of large summer squash - they're good for baking - the thicker skinned squash lends a little crunch to your baked dishes (cupcakes, breads, cakes, etc). They're also decent for grilling. Of course if you have chickens, they love them.
- Odds and ends in the tomato realm - some on the table, some on the ground.
- Maybe some split heads of cabbage - good for soup or slaw

For sale (this is Wednesday's availability - check to see what's out for Saturday):
1 box combo romas and "normal" sized tomatoes - $20
2 boxes heirloom tomatoes - $20/box. They're big - you should unpack the top 2 or 3 layers at home (or transfer them to another box) as soon as possible.
Extra beans - $1.50/lb. (price may change week to week depending on how long it takes to pick a pound)
Garlic - $5/bunch,. I don't have this separated by variety - it's a mix.
1 box pickling cukes - $20 - get 'em before the Downy Mildew does!

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