Week 13 - August 25 & 28

This is build week - by this time next week the view to the east will be different. If you'd like to lend a hand Saturday, we'll be starting at 8. Light breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. You don't have to stay all day - just let us know how long (which meals) you plan to be here for.

Saturday will be a busy day. So, if you're sending someone to pick up for you, try to give them some instructions because I'm not sure if I'll be around to help people pick up. There's a white board on the left side of the porch where I'm posting the announcements now so they can check that.

I'm still putting together the boxes for today but this is the plan:
- 2 or 3 cucumbers - these aren't the best - some are a bit twisted, some have ends that aren't fully formed, etc. This is what happens with Downy Mildew. This is probably the last week for cukes.
- 2 summer squash - these, too are almost done
- A bunch of New Zealand Spinach
- 2 beets - the tops can be sauteed and are tasty. These are Chiogga beets.
- One Melon - Either Rocky Ford (green), Ambrosia (orange cantaloupe), Cream of Saskatchewan (white melon), or Sugar Sweet (red melon).
- A bunch of kale
- A bunch of chard
- A bag of okra - take this out and store in your kitchen. I don't refrigerate it.
- Two or so onions - some of these are cocktail size, some are larger. We just harvested these Monday. They were planted from seed so they did grow, at least a little. The purple ones are Mini-Purplette are only size up to golf-ball size. The white are Olympic White. Anyway - I'll be distributing the little guys first so you might get a handful of them. The larger ones keep longer so you'll receive them in weeks to come.
- A head of garlic.

Self-serve items - Check the white board for quantities but this is the plan:
- Either spaghetti squash or eggplant - check the notes on the white board about this
- A box of tomatoes
- A handful of cherry tomatoes or salad tomatoes - check notes
- A handful of tomatillos - There's a salsa verde recipe that I posted a while back for an awesome green, spicy salsa. These also make a great sauce for pork.
- Up to 2 lbs. of green beans. You don't have to take them all but you can if you'll use them.
- Herbs - Basil (store this in a jar in water on your counter like you would flowers. It doesn't keep well in the fridge), lavender, thyme, sage, mint, etc. - Check to see what's out.

No egg sales on Wed. because we're serving egg salad sandwiches Saturday for the build. I might have some for sale Saturday. If so, I'll leave them on the porch somewhere (check the white board).

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