Week 10 - August 4 & 7

Today's box has been prepared by Sheryl & Kristina - we're up north for 3 days and will be back this evening. Thanks for rockin' out the harvest in our absence!

As far as I know, bugs shouldn't be an issue today. As always, you can soak the broccoli in salt water if you would like but it should be pretty bug-free.

Today's box weighs approx. 13 lbs. Saturday's box is approx. 15 lbs.

Check out the Summer Squash Soup with Salsa Verde recipe which Sheryl forwarded. It's excellent!

- One head of cabbage - either Famosa (savoy leaf), Red Ruby, or Early Perfection (oval in shape, sometimes cylindrical, green)
- One bunch chard
- One bunch collards
- 6 squash
- 3 cukes
- One head garlic
- One or two onions
- One pile of potatoes (from table)
- One eggplant
- Your choice of beans or okra or broccoli (from table)
- One box tomatoes (from table) - please leave the large boxes at the farm - we're running low on these
- One bunch green (romaine) and red leaf lettuce

Optional items:
- Flowers - check the table to see how many
- Herbs - read the notes
- Spicy peppers

- Check to see what's out. I hear from the west garden are nearing the end. There are some split heads of cabbage, a few sweet peppers, extra summer squash, etc.

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