Extended Season - Week Three, November 3, 2010

Despite record lows Sunday and Monday, the veggies are still growing.  Some were frozen solid yesterday morning when I picked so I had to wait until later in the afternoon to harvest everything.  The lettuce is currently icy and I don't know if it will spring back enough to make it into today's box but here's the plan:

  1. Kale - either Lacinato or Siberian
  2. Choi - it was a bit frozen so it's not perfect but it's still in good shape
  3. 1 bunch mustard
  4. 1 bunch arugula
  5. 1 bunch chard
  6. A small amount of cabbage (red or early)
  7. 1 daikon radish
  8. A bag of salad mix (again, if it made it through last night)
  9. A quart or more of tomatoes
  10. Some sweet peppers
  11. Some spicy peppers
  12. A squash - probably acorn
  13. A few leeks
  14. A head of garlic
  15. Misc. herbs that didn't freeze

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