Extended Season - Week Two, October 27, 2010

Today's Box includes the following:
  1. A bag of baby salad greens
  2. A bunch of mustard
  3. A bunch of arugula
  4. A bunch of lacinato kale
  5. A bunch of chard - beautiful rainbow, ruby and green chard
  6. A butternut squash
  7. 2 pounds of potatoes
  8. 3 large green onions.  Eat the tops and all
  9. A quart of tomatoes
  10. A large head of napa cabbage
  11. 2 large sweet peppers (these have sticky sap on them - wash off.  I noticed aphids on the plants today).
  12. 5 or so spicy peppers
  13. A small head of broccoli
  14. A head of garlic
  15. Herbs including celery, a little basil, a little rosemary, chives, sage, thyme, pineapple mint and oregano
Enjoy & see you next week!

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