Holiday Box

It's hard to believe that this box marks the last of the season.  Despite record lows of 18 degrees a few weeks ago, the veggies held on and we packed the boxes with the following:

  1. An acorn or a butternut squash
  2. 4 lbs. of German Butterball potatoes - great for roasting
  3. A head of either Napa, Dutch Late, Famosa (savoy) or Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage
  4. A bunch of either red choi or joi choi
  5. 2 large daikon radishes - I've heard some people say they combine this with cabbage for slaw or with tuna for a spicy salad.  Some have also been cooking and eating the tops.
  6. 1 kohl rabi
  7. A bunch of carrots - if there are tops on the carrots, try using them when you make your soup stock.  I often use them when I'm making the gravy stock - throw the giblets in a pot with water, onions, and whatever veggie tops are available, including leek tops, and simmer for a few hours until you're ready to make gravy.
  8. A bunch of lacinato kale
  9. A bunch of chard - for all of the greens, if you save the stems are a nice addition when you make your turkey soup stock
  10. A bunch of small beets - some of the bunches had nice greens
  11. A bunch of leeks
  12. A rutabaga - some had brussels sprouts or broccoli/cauliflower in place of a rutabaga
  13. A few small turnips - the white ones are Hakurei and the purple & white are Purple Top.  Again, greens are edible.
  14. A bunch of arugula or a combo bunch of arugula and mustard
  15. Either a sachet of celery or parsley
  16. Either a pie pumpkin or a Blue Hubbard Squash
  17. Drying spicy peppers
  18. 4 - 6 tomatoes
  19. A handful of red onions
  20. A few sweet peppers that held on in storage
  21. Herbs, including thyme, sage, cilantro, and rosemary
We hope that you enjoyed the season and look forward to seeing you next year.

Happy holidays to you!

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