Spring Season - Week 1

It's Distribution time!

General notes:  Root crops are generally washed, unless they come out of dry soil and aren't too dirty.  If the greens are really dirty, I'll wash them.  But, if they're just a little dirty, I generally don't wash them because they keep longer in the fridge if they're dry - just put them in a plastic bag and toss in the crisper.  Alternatively, if you wash them, spin them and store in your spinner, they'll also keep for a long time.

We hope you enjoy these veggies.  Tomorrow's box will include the following:
  1. A bunch of leeks - These are Scotland Leeks which wintered over in the field.  The tops and roots are trimmed up.  They'll keep well if you keep them in your crisper, in a bag.  Use in place of onions.  Wash the greens as they tend to hold dirt - but it's all edible and the greens are a nice addition to soups.
  2. Spinach - probably in a bag
  3. Lettuce - leaf lettuce, also in a bag.
  4. Carrots - these are Bolero which are storage carrots.  They kept well in the ground over the winter (in the hoop).  They are squat and tasty.  Varying sizes.  All good.
  5. A bunch of mustard.  Eat fresh or sauteed.  Try making pesto with it.  Yellow band.
  6. Tatsoi - this is starting to go to bloom.  The entire plant, blooms, stalks and leaves, is tasty.  Eat raw or saute.  This is milder than either kale or broccoli and full of water.  Blue band.
  7. A bunch of kale - either Red Russian or Siberian.  Green band.
  8. Maybe a very little mache.  It's small but I think this is as big as it gets.  Will also be in a bag.
  9. Herbs as available - check the table.


  1. mmmm..........mouth is watering already! I will try mustard pesto because it sounds really satisfying. do you recommend leaving cheese out? would be great on rice needles no? i am so excited.

  2. Yes, I think it would be very tasty on rice noodles. I would use the mustard fresh. Cheese is optional but I like it so I'd probably include or grate over the pasta after.