March 30 - Spring Season Week 2


This week's box is full of tasty greens.  It includes the following:
  1. A bunch of either kale or collards - green band
  2. A bunch of swiss chard - blue band
  3. A bag of asian greens - smallish choi and some tat soi or red choi
  4. A bunch of tatsoi.  This is now bolting (starting to flower) but you can still eat the entire plant.
  5. A bag of lettuce
  6. A bag of mache.  This is small but it's so tasty that I'm still handing it out.  Think of it like sprouts and sprinkle on your salad.
  7. A bag of spinach.  Kind of nutty.
  8. A bunch of mustard - yellow band
  9. Some carrots loose in the box.  They're small but still tasty.
  10. A handful of chives
  11. A few sprigs thyme
  12. A spring of rosemary - I cut back the plants so the sprigs are larger than normal.  A little goes a long way and it saves well if you let it dry.
  13. A few sprigs of parsley.  This is very sweet - you might want to eat it right away.
  • A handful of carrots - these froze.  I uncovered them and then it got too cold this week.  They were in the field.  You can cut off the tops and eat what's left, if you'd like.  
  • A handful of tatsoi
  • One bunch of chard.  Take it if you'd like.

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  1. I made a delicious batch of kale/collards w/ olives a la Deborah Madison last week - I've never tasted such delicious greens!