May 4 - Spring Season Week 7

It's May already!  Today's box is full and here's what you'll receive:

  1. A bag of Yukina Savoy - this is very tasty fresh.  It looks like spinach but is actually closer to tat soi.
  2. Lettuce - a large bag full
  3. A bunch of swiss chard
  4. A bunch of kale
  5. A bunch of mustard
  6. A bunch of green onions (which are purple) or leeks - re. the onions, you can eat the entire onion.  Both leeks and onions are very tasty sauteed.
  7. A nice bunch of radishes
On the table you'll find:
  1. A bunch of broccoli raab.  This is tasty and the blooms are edible.
  2. A bunch of parsley
  3. A bunch of cilantro
  4. A bunch of edible flowers, including arugula and brassica blooms.  Place these on your table as an edible centerpiece.  The arugula blooms are especially tasty and kind of nutty.

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