Spring Season - Week 10

The last week for our spring season.  Thank you to everyone who participated - we hope you enjoyed it!
  1. A bunch of kale or collards
  2. A bunch of green onions
  3. A bag of yukina savoy
  4. A bunch of parsley - taboulaah time again
  5. A large bunch of cilantro
  6. A bag of lettuce
  7. A few smallish beets.  The greens are large and will be great!
  8. A bag of nettles - these are very good for you.  They have stingers on them but after you cook them, they're fine.  The stinging increases blood flow but if you don't want to experience this, wear gloves during preparation.  Dave made an excellent nettles soup.
  9. A bag of spinach
  10. Optional turnips
  11. Rosemary, thyme, oregano and tarragon

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