Week 2 - Summer session

Hello there.  The temperature is predicted to be between 92 & 96 degrees today with a heat index in excess of 100.  In an attempt to help keep the veggies fresh, we are keeping them stored in bulk today, under a damp sheet.  Many were hydro-cooled this morning.  Some are sitting in water.  So, today will be self-serve.  If you can bring your own bag to pack in, that would be helpful.

A couple of reminders: 
  • Pick up on Wed is 2 - 6:30.  Sat = 10 - 1.  If you come early, I might not have the herbs picked because I do this at the last minute.
  • People drive fast down Scio Church Road.  Please be careful and turn on your indicator light a good distance before our house.  If you miss our drive, play it safe and drive down to Centennial to turn around.  It's also a passing zone in front of our house so if you are turning right out of our drive, be sure to look to your right to make sure no one is passing another car going west.  This happens commonly during rush hour as people are zooming home.  Also, please enter from the west and exit to the east.

Check the white board for a list of instructions.

Saturday's box might be a bit different but here's the plan:
  1. A bunch of either beets OR carrots.  To clean the carrots, simply use a green scrubbie.  If you peel them, you won't have much left.  Also, to keep them crisp, remove the tops and store in water in the fridge.
  2. A bunch of either cauliflower or broccoli or peas (most likely these will be in a quart-sized box on the table.  Please leave the box or bring it back next week.  The cauliflower is purplish - this happens when it's exposed to the sun.  It is also kind of leggy but it's still tasty.  The sprouting broccoli has white flowers.  The stems are long but should still be good - some might require a bit more cooking than others. 
  3. A bag of lettuce
  4. A bunch of green choi
  5. A bunch of arugula.  This contains blooms which are tasty.  You can saute arugula - it is a high source of protein for a green.  It is spicy right now.
  6. A bunch of green onions.  These are baby red onions.  The entire stalk can be eaten.
  7. A bunch of either collards or kale.  The collard leaves are smoother than the kale leaves.  Check out a recipe I posted last year which contains raisins, juice from an orange, and collards.  It is a nice change from sauteed greens and might be more appealing for young children who sometimes find greens to be bitter.
  8. A bunch of radishes
  9. Various herbs to include oregano, thyme, maybe chives, maybe lavendar, mint, etc.

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