Week 3 - Summer session

This posting is a bit late but I thought I'd put it up anyway.

We built our new hoop yesterday.  It is substantially complete and  quite a structure. Thanks to all Saturday members for your patience dealing with the change in traffic pattern and commotion during your pick up.

I've decided to distribute in the buffet style from now on.  A lot of members have told me they prefer to see the labels on the veggies when they pick up and also like to bring their own bags so they don't have to deal with a box.   So, that's the plan.  If you don't want an item, please take your allotted portion and place it on the "extras" pile and someone else will take it.

Saturday's box included:
  1. A bunch of onions
  2. A bunch of carrots
  3. A bag of lettuce
  4. A bunch of kale
  5. A bunch of collards
  6. A bag of mustard
  7. A quart of garlic scapes - these are very good in a pesto.  Just chop them up into quarter-inch to half-inch pieces (stems and all), toss into your food processor along with a little salt, olive oil, some cheese, and maybe some pine nuts and whip it up.  Also good sauteed.  These are only available for one week, maybe 1 1/2 weeks, so don't miss them.
  8. A pint of peas or 4 beets
  9. Choice of a bunch of sprouting garlic, a box of broccoli or cauliflower or fava bean shoots.  The fava shoots are very good sauteed.  There are some black ants in them (aphids sometimes move in to the beans and the ants follow to harvest the sugar that the plant gives off from the aphid holes).  Just soak the favas a few times and the ants should let go and you should be set.  
  10. A small amount each of:  sage, oregano, thyme, pineapple mint and lavender.

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