Week 1 - Summer!

Hello everyone and welcome to week 1 of our summer distribution.  The box was a bit lighter than normal but, considering the conditions the past few months, much better than expected.  Some of the veggies are eaten by flea beetles but we hope you will eat them and enjoy them.  Once they're chopped up and cooked, the holes aren't so noticeable.

Saturday's box will vary slightly from today's box.  There is generally some variation between boxes from week to week but all in all, they even out.

  1. A little yukina savoy - in a bag.  Try this raw, added to your salad.  It is very tasty and a nice addition.  It looks a little like spinach
  2. A large bag of lettuce
  3. Either sprouting broccoli (banded, white flowers) or kale or collards.  The sprouting broccoli does not form heads - it sends up large shoots.  The entire shoot is edible and should be eaten.  We ate it raw, dipped in a bit of mustard/lemon dressing.
  4. A large bunch of green choi (this is basically bok choi, just a smaller version).  It is very mild and is excellent sauteed - red band
  5. A small bag of mustard - this is a mix of red, green and red veined mustard.  Sat. members will have something else.
  6. A small bunch of red choi.  This is in pretty bad shape per the flea beetles.  Try chopping it up and sauteeing.  It's still tasty.
  7. A small bunch of either beets or carrots.  The carrot tops can be used for veggie stock or soup stock.  They should be removed to store the carrots as they will continue to draw moisture from the root.  Same with the beet tops.  The beet tops are very tasty sauteed.
  8. A bag of nettles.  These contain stingers.  If you don't want to be stung, wear gloves to clean.  You can either sautee or make tea or make a soup.  I'll post a recipe re. soup in the next hour or so.
  9. A bunch of parsley - best way to store is in a cup in water on the counter
  10. A bunch of chives  - also best to store in a cup in water on the counter.  The blooms are tasty fried.  They are also pretty.
  11. A small handful of thyme, sage, chocolate mint, rosemary, and cilantro.

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