August 3 & August 6

The water from last week's 8" rainfall has receded but it's still very wet out there.  Here's what we harvested Wednesday.
  1. Chard or Mustard
  2. Collards or kale
  3. 1 1/2 lbs. tomatoes
  4. 2/3 lb. beans or box eggplant or box okra
  5. Bunch of cilantro or parsley
  6. Bunch of beets or 1 lb. carrots
  7. 2 heads of cabbage (to store this, wrap tightly in saran wrap and wrap a second time.  It will store for months in your refrigerator this way)  If your cabbage is piling up, try making kim chi or sauer kraut.  Stuffed cabbage is good too.
  8. 2 lbs. summer squash 
  9. A head of garlic
  10. 2 lb. potatoes
  11. A handful of basil
  12. A large sprig of rosemary
  13. U-Pick flowers (small bunch) or 3 sunflowers
  14. Other herbs as available (thyme, oregano, etc.)

Saturday members will most likely receive a bunch of lettuce and summer savory, since they were not accessible in the garden last week (too wet) and items similar to those above.

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