Summer - Week 14 (8/31 & 9/3)

OK, greens-lovers.  Here we go!  There's still a nice amount of fruit in the field but the cooler temperatures are really kicking the leafy veggies into high gear.  The seasons are changing.

Today's box will contain the following:
  1. A head (or 2 if small) of lettuce - either romain or buttercrisp
  2. A bunch of arugula (plus an additional handful, if you'd like)
  3. A nice bunch of choi - most people know this as Bok Choi which is one type of choi.  We grow 3 or 4 varities of choi here.  To prepare, we cut into 3/4" pieces (stems, leaves and all) and sautee with a little garlic and soy sauce and maybe some ginger.  It's also tasty with curry.
  4. A bag of Yukina Savoy (treat like spinach - either eat fresh or sauteed.   I think this would make a great spinach salad - with warm bacon dressing, a hard boiled egg and some red onion.)
  5. 3 - 5 tomatoes (up to 5 lbs)
  6. A box of eggplant or okra or tomatillos
  7. A serving of either sweet or spicy peppers (or a mix, if you'd like)
  8. Up to 2 1/4 lbs. of green beans
  9. 1 pound of summer squash
  10. 1 or 2 cucumbers
  11. A bunch of savory - this is the lemon-tasting leaf - use fresh in a salad or sprinkle on top of fish (maybe wilt it first) or another similar use.
  12. Enough basil for pesto
  13. A head of garlic
  14. A handful of parsley
  15. A melon, if you didn't get one last week.  We'll keep taking turns until everyone gets one (the flood took out a lot of feet of melons)
  16. 15 - 20 u-pick flowers
  17. Herbs - sage, thyme, oregano, mint, etc. as available on the table

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