Fall, Week 2, October 26

Our new weather forecast - it's raining so it must be Wednesday.  At least the rain helps keep the veggies crisp - almost like a grocery store mister.

Up next week:  scorzonera, salsify or parsnips.  Maybe some sorrel.

Today's box contents:
  1. Snowman Baby Bok Choy - some have small flower buds/blooms which are edible.
  2. A bunch of rutabaga or turnips.
  3. Winter squash
  4. Leeks
  5. A quart of tomatillos
  6. Up to a pound of sweet peppers
  7. A bunch of broccoli
  8. A bag of lettuce
  9. 2 pints of tomatoes (one cherry, one slicing)
  10. Collards or kale
  11. 2 heads of garlic
  12. Up to 10 spicy peppers
  13. A bag of spinach - this is very tasty raw
  14. A handful of parsley
  15. A few sprigs rosemary
  16. A sunflower head - roast the seeds, they're very tasty
  17. thyme and sage
Enjoy - the tomatoes have now been pulled from the hoop house so whatever we can serve over the next week or so will be it until next July or so.  We might have a few peppers through the end of November, depending on whether we pull those plants from the small hoop.

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