Holiday Box - November 16, 2011

 The holiday box went out yesterday.  It was definitely a two-box pickup.  I was so busy I forgot to take pictures in the beginning but luckily Kathleen reminded me around 5:45.  So many of the veggies had already been picked up but you can still get an idea of what was here.
Toby & Zane - these guys know their veggies!
The spicy pepper and herb section.

Some of the veggies toward the end of pick up.
Sheryl washing parsnips 
The rain on Monday was a big one.  I didn't re-set the rain gauge so I'm not sure how much rain we got but it had to be close to 2".  It made digging the root crops a bit of a challenge.  Sheryl and I had a lot of washing to do and got much of it done Tuesday.  The remainder of the harvest was done yesterday.  Nick, Sheryl and I wrapped up the harvest just as members started to arrive at 3:30.  Here's what we distributed:

  1. A bunch of leeks
  2. A daikon radish (or 2)
  3. A nice bunch of beets with the tops or a bag of baby beets.  These will be great roasted.  Don't forget to remove the tops and store separately from the root.
  4. A nice bunch of carrots - also with tops.
  5. Up to 2 lbs. of parsnips.  We hope you enjoy these.  They've been in the field since April and have had a lot of care over the year.  Some are really large which was so exciting for us to see.  And they smell fantastic.
  6. A kohl rabi
  7. One rutabaga and 2 turnips
  8. A bunch of brussels sprouts or a bag of broccoli
  9. A bag of salad mix - this is mizuna, tatsoi and yukina savoy and lettuce
  10. Either kale or mustard
  11. A head of napa cabbage
  12. 1 pound of sweet peppers - these are still nice and firm - they were recently pulled from the hoop
  13. One or 2 acorn squash and a butternut squash or hubbard squash
  14. A pound of garlic
  15. A pound of onions
  16. 5 pounds of potatoes
  17. Up to 15 spicy peppers - the pablanos are beauties!
  18. Herbs including rosemary, thyme, chocolate mint and sage
  19. Either a bunch of parsley or a bunch of celery - the celery is smaller than you are probably used to but it packs a punch in the flavor department.
  20. Up to 4 stems of amaranth - use this as a decoration - it will drop seeds (which are edible) so be aware of that in your choice of location.  Some people were recommending a festive entry-way display.
Have a great Thanksgiving.  There really is so much to be thankful for.

Hope to see you all next year!


  1. Pablano! Wow this is amazing. What a full two baskets..Good job you guys and gals!

  2. Those boys might know their veggies (Toby likes to take a whole sweet pepper for lunch!), but they don't appear to know how to dress for the weather. :^)

    Loving everything, especially the peppers and the potatoes (glad we purchased extras!).