Week 2, Spring Session, March 28, 2012

Yesterday's distribution was another large quantity.  I'm distributing a bit more than usual so I hope this doesn't overwhelm people.  If you can't use it all in a week, you can always blanche and freeze it for use later.  Or make a soup and freeze the soup.

  1. Parsnips - these were just dug Tuesday.  Use as you would potatoes - roasted or mashed, etc.
  2. Spinach - another double bag.  It should be enough to use in cooking.  An interesting idea I recently heard is to toss the greens into your pasta water (maybe in the last minute of the pasta's cooking time).
  3. A large bunch of choi.  This is the last of that planting so you won't see this for awhile.
  4. A bunch of kale and/or kale blooms.  Treat as broccoli - eat fresh or cooked.
  5. A bunch of chard
  6. A bag of lettuce - either leaf romaine or Black Seeded Simpson (green leaf)
  7. A bunch of mustard - try making pesto, it's really good on sandwiches or as a side with eggs, etc.
  8. A bag of salad mix (this is a combo of kale, Yukina Savoy, flowers, escarole (looks like lettuce but it's not), and a little mizuna).
  9. A bunch of chives
  10. A bunch of cilantro
  11. A bunch of parsley
  12. A head or 2 of garlic

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