Week 3, Spring Session, April 4, 2012

The veggies distributed today were more in line with typical spring quantities. Don't forget - to revive any wilted greens soak them in cold water for 10 or so minutes.  Store in your salad spinner for maximum storage time.
  1. Carrots - these are the last of the hoop house carrots.  They are very large and very sweet.  Enjoy!
  2. A bunch of broccoli raab (a/k/a Rapini) mixed with daikon radish greens.  These are surprisingly tasty!  Cut up the entire bunch, saute the larger stem parts first and then add in the greens.  Yum!
  3. A nice bunch of beet greens.  These can either be sauteed or eaten fresh.  They are beautiful in a salad.
  4. A bunch of kale and/or kale blooms.  Treat as broccoli - eat fresh or cooked.
  5. A bunch of arugula.  The blooms are edible too and are quite tasty.  Leave this in a vase on your table and snack on the leaves and blooms/buds over time.
  6. A bag of lettuce - either leaf romaine or Black Seeded Simpson (green leaf)
  7. A bunch of radishes
  8. A bunch of Komatsuna Summerfest or Choi - either of these greens are tasty chopped up and used fresh in a salad - try mixing with the beet greens.  Or you could saute them as well.
  9. A bunch of either chives or green onions.  The green onions are from the herb garden and are Multiplier Onions.  Just peel the outer layer if it is brown and that skin will reveal a nice green onion.  I use the entire stalk at this point as it is still tender.
  10. A bunch of cilantro.
  11. Some thyme
  12. A head or 2 of garlic.

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