Week 4 - Fall

Hello - here's the box for this week - it's another big one!
  1. Sweet peppers
  2. Spicy peppers - we're giving out a lot because we have them.  Please feel free to leave them if you can't use them all.
  3. Purple top turnips - we like them peeled and raw with salt.  If you don't, maybe you'd like them mashed with a bit of cheese stirred in or roasted.
  4. Probably one smaller tomato
  5. parsley - probably a large bunch.  Tobulleh is good for this.
  6. Dill & fennel - hang upside down to dry if you can't use it now
  7. Choi
  8. Lettuce or spinac
  9. A spicy bunch of greens - a mix of arugula, mizuna & mustard.  Eat fresh or saute or make into a pesto
  10. A leek or 2.  Some of these are huge
  11. Squash or potatoes
  12. Kale or collards
  13. Eggplant
  14. Garlic

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