Week 5, Fall - October 30, 2013

We're preparing now for Wednesday's distribution.  I thought I'd send a few notes in advance.
  • No one commented on the tomatoes last week but just be aware that they're reaching the end.  We might distribute some that aren't all the way ripe - just let them sit awhile on your counter and they'll ripen up in a few days.
  • Also, FYI - we'll be distributing peppers over the next few weeks (spicy and sweet, as they last).  The last of them are being pulled from the hoop right now so they'll be going soft over time as well.  If they don't appeal to you, please pass.  But, they're still great for cooking and good to eat, even when soft.
  • Watch for bugs in the brassicas (which is almost everything right now).  This includes arugula, yukina, mizuna, napa cabbage, kale, cauliflower, etc  (the cabbage family).  We did spray Bt a few weeks ago but I know they're in there.  Slugs too.  You'll know if you find poo.  I generally swish veggies briskly in water to clean them.  We try to inspect everything as we harvest but some do get by...
OK - now that that cheery bit of news is over, here's the scoop for the week:
  1. A head of napa cabbage.  Some will be quite large.
  2. A daikon radish.  Try roasted or browned in a skillet or in a soup.
  3. A bunch of choi.  This is sold as Bok Choy in the stores and is full of water and quite mild.  Nice in a stir fry or as a side dish - sauteed with a little soy - or in soup.
  4. A few tomatoes, as available.  The plants are being pulled today.  We'll hold the green ones and distribute them as they ripen.  I wouldn't be surprised if we distribute some green tomatoes as an option.
  5. Sweet peppers - 1 or 2
  6. Spicy peppers - quite a few
  7. Kale or collards.  The collards are really good to use as wraps for cabbage rolls or egg rolls.
  8. Some onions
  9. Some sort of salad green (maybe lettuce or yukina savoy)
  10. Potatoes or squash
  11. Some cilantro
  12. Some parsley
  13. U-pick strawflower from the flower garden (this is the tall red flower).  If you hang it upside down it will dry nicely.
Please let me know if you have any requests or comments.

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