Week 14 - fall!

OK - here's the run down for this week:

  1. A bunch of collards
  2. Almost a pound of beans (purple, Northeaster (large, flat beans.  If you haven't tried these, you should.  They're my favorite), Kentucky Wonder).
  3. A quart of tomatoes - sliceing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and saladettes.
  4. A quart of potatoes - today is Adirondack Blue which are fun
  5. About 1 pound of onions.  The yellow onions are Stuttgarters which are superb sauteed.  Red ones are also tasty either fresh or cooked.
  6. Either a quart of Tongue of Fire beans (see last week's comments on how to cook), okra or an english cucumber
  7. 5 - 7 spicy pepeprs.  Today we have peppinos (start out sweet and end with a kick) or serranos (spicy but very tasty).
  8. Either poblano or sweet bell peppers
  9. 2 slicing tomatoes
  10. A box of squash or a jumbo summer squash
  11. A bunch of beets
  12. A bunch of kale
  13. Some basil
Hope you enjoy it!

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