Week 15 - September 8 & 11

It certainly feels like fall now. The fields are definitely noticing the change.

This week's box will contain the following. Check the white board for quantities:

  1. A bunch of Napa Cabbage
  2. A bunch of Joi Choi or Tatsoi. Neither the Napa nor the choi are marked with a band for identification. The Napa is a bit hairy on the leaves. The chois are smooth. The Tatsoi has dark green spoon-sized leaves and the Joi Choi has long smooth white stalks with smooth leaves. All have flea beetle holes in the leaves.
  3. A few carrots
  4. A bunch of green beans. This is a mix of types and they grow to be quite large. The large flat beans are Northeaster and are really good. Unless there's a large bean in the pod, the bean should be quite tasty.
  5. A box of tomatoes
  6. A few sweet peppers - I will leave these in a box on the ground so you can see the types that we grow. They range from yellow to red to chocolate to long green or red.
  7. A few spicy peppers - on the table. Let me know if you'd like more and we can pick some together.
  8. A bunch of New Zealand spinach. I sauteed this with the napa cabbage this past week (along with a clove of garlic and a few of the mini-onions) and I think this is our current favorite veggie.
  9. A pie pumpkin - from a box on the ground. These are Sugar Sweet pie pumpkins. Cut in half, take out the seeds, place face down on a baking tray with some water and bake for about 40 minutes at 350, until fork tender. Try not to let the water completely evaporate. If a recipe calls for canned pumpkin, use this in equal amounts instead. You can freeze it in cup-sized amounts to use later. Or make a pie. Or cook it with a little milk or sour cream and add a little salt or garlic or curry and serve it as side dish, similar to mashed potatoes. We do this with all squash (acorn, butternut, pumpkins, etc).
  10. A melon - this is the last week for melons. Not sure whether there will be enough for everyone or not and some are on the decline so this might be a "take if you want to risk it" item this week.
  11. A bunch of arugula. This is a bit spicy but nice.
  12. A box of either okra or eggplant.
  13. A head of garlic
  14. U-Pick flowers (up to 20). Please make sure to cut the flowers - if you try to snap them off the plant can be damaged and will die. The red handled pruners should be on the board.
  15. Herbs - we have lots of basil that needs to be picked so if you'd like to take a bunch, let me know. On the table will be basil, sage, thyme, probably some chives, maybe some pineapple sage, rosemary, etc. Check the notes for quantities.

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