Week 18 - September 29 & October 2

This week's Box is projected to contain:

  1. Your choice of butternut squash or acorn squash or jack-o-lantern - the jack-o-lantern is also edible.  Try roasting any of these seeds.  I soak in salt water for a few hours, strain and then roast at 180 for about an hour.
  2. A box of tomatoes
  3. A bunch of leeks or a very large green onion.  The tops are edible, especially the green onion tops.  Try using the leek tops for soup stock.  
  4. A bunch of carrots
  5. Either Napa Cabbage or a head of Wakefield Cabbage or other cabbage
  6. A bunch of chard
  7. A bunch of arugula - yellow band or in a bag
  8. A bunch of beets or a kohl rabi
  9. A head of garlic
  10. Radishes if available
  11. A bunch of kale or collards - green band
  12. Either a bunch of tatsoi or joi choi - these are very tasty sauteed - a mild asian green.
  13. Spicy peppers - maybe sweet as well.
  14. U-pick flowers from either the east garden or the red zinnias in the front garden.
  15. Herbs as available.
Feel free to gather up some tomatillos from the far side of the east garden, past the beans.  Also feel free to pick a pound or so of green beans.  The trellis snapped the other day but the beans are still accessible.

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