Week 16 - September 15 & 18

Week 16 already! Please note, the last regular distribution will be October 13 & 16. The Holiday Box will be distributed Wednesday, November 17 from 2 - 7.

This week's box will contain the following. Check the white board for quantities. Saturday's box weighed about 21 lbs and contained Wakefield Cabbage instead of Napa:

  1. A pumpkin or acorn or butternut squash. If you had a pumpkin last week, please opt for another type of squash.
  2. Hopefully beans - I haven't picked yet and I know they're slowing down.
  3. A box of tomatoes.
  4. Either eggplant or okra or, if enough, both - check the board.
  5. A bunch of kale - green band
  6. A bunch of chard - blue band
  7. A bunch of arugula - bag
  8. A bunch of chinese cabbage (Napa) - loose in box
  9. A daikon radish
  10. Sweet and spicy peppers, as available
  11. A melon. I think we have enough for everyone to have one more melon. They are primarily Cream of Saskatchewan and Sugar Baby but there are some green musk melons in there as well. This really is the last week for them.
  12. A bunch of New Zealand Spinach - loose in box
  13. A head of garlic
  14. U-pick flowers from the east garden - up to 20. Please cut them, don't try to snap them off because the roots can be damaged and the plant will die (it's really dry).
  15. Herbs - thyme, basil, probably some celery or parsley, sage, lavendar, probably rosemary, etc.
Let me know if you want more of one of the greens that are in the box.

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