Week 20 - October 13 & 16

It's hard to believe that this is the last week of general distributions.  Thanks for your participation this year!

If you'd like to purchase 3 more boxes, let me know.  Space is limited to 20 boxes - $30 per box with pick up here at the farm on Wednesdays between 2 & 6:30.  This will be October 20, 27 and November 2.

The holiday box will be distributed November 17 between 2 & 6:30.  If you haven't talked with your share partner about how to share your box, please do.

Please return boxes and bring a bag or two this week so you can leave the box here.  I'll need all boxes for the holiday distribution.  Thanks!

This week's box will contain the following:
  1. A bunch of red onions
  2. An acorn squash
  3. 2 pounds of potatoes
  4. A bunch of chard - blue band
  5. A bunch of joi choi
  6. A bunch of either kale or collards - green band
  7. A box of tomatoes + a handful more
  8. Some sweet peppers
  9. Some spicy peppers.  If you want a large amount, let me know.
  10. Either arugula or mustard greens or both if there's enough- yellow band
  11. A few beets - don't forget that the leaves are very tasty - either sauteed or fresh.  Also, if the beets are piling up, there's always the raw beet salad that you can make and serve as an appetizer.  Check the recipe blog.  Of course they're very sweet and tasty either sauteed or gently boiled until fork-tender.
  12. Garlic
  13. U-pick flowers
  14. Maybe some green beans.  If I don't pick them, please feel free to do so.
  15. Optional green tomatoes - a handful

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