Week 19 - October 6 & 9

Saturday members - don't forget - this is MI, MI State football weekend.  Traffic central here in Ann Arbor!

Also - please try to remember to return any boxes that have accumulated over the summer and, if this is your last week for pick up, try to bring a box or bags to take your veggies home.

Next week is the last week of general distributions.  The Holiday Box will be distributed Wednesday, November 17 between 2 & 6:30.  If you are a half-share member, please contact your share partner to coordinate pick up/sharing of your box.

On to this week's contents:
  1. 1 kohl rabi (Wed.) or a bunch of beets or turnips (Sat)
  2. A bunch of leeks 
  3. A bunch of kale
  4. A bunch of chard
  5. One small head of joi choi and one small head of red choi
  6. A few egg plant - these are the last of this year's crop
  7. A head of garlic
  8. A bunch of mustard greens
  9. A bunch of arugula
  10. One squash - either spaghetti or acorn or jack-o-lantern (which is also edible)
  11. Sweet peppers
  12. Spicy peppers (we pulled the plants this past weekend in anticipation of the frost.  So they'll be going from fresh to drying over the next few weeks but I'll still put them out)
  13. A box of tomatoes
  14. 2 pounds of potatoes
  15. Maybe a small amount of baby lettuce mix which would include different types of lettuce, baby beet greens and a little spinach.
  16. Herbs as available.  I'll put out some cilantro this week in addition to what we generally offer.
  17. U-pick fresh flowers - it looks like we might still have them next week as well, depending on whether it frosts or not.
  18. If you want to search for beans, there might still be some out in the field - u-pick.
 Enjoy!  P.S. - if there's too much in the box, you can leave some on the table for others to take.

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