Summer - Week 15

We're in that time, before the frost, when the heat-lovers are still producing and the leafy veggies are coming into their own.  We hope you enjoy it.  I have a suspicion that we'll have an early frost this year.

Here's the plan for this week:
  1. FunJen asian lettuce - this is a mild brassica.  It was bred as a "lettucey cabbage" so I'm going to treat it as a lettuce.  It has a more pronounced flavor than lettuce but is tender and tasty.
  2. A bunch of arugula
  3. A pint of cherry tomatoes
  4. Up to two pounds of beans - still your choice of Northeaster (long, flat bean), Purple Podded Pole bean, Gita (yard long bean) or Fortex (long, round green bean).  All beans can be treated and cooked as you would a green bean.  Lately we've been blanching our beans (drop into boiling water for 2 minutes then drain) and then tossing into a skillet with a little oil and soy sauce - until the soy sauce kind of carmelizes and coats the bean.  Very tasty this way.
  5. Summer squash or cucumbers or both, if there is enough.
  6. Spicy peppers
  7. Okra or eggplant
  8. Sweet peppers - again, watch the Jimmy Nardellos (long either red or red and green peppers).  They're supposed to be sweet and most are but a few are still REALLY hot.  Taste them up by the stem or try a seed.
  9. Basil - enough for pesto
  10. A heads of garlic (2 if they're small)
  11. A melon - we'll see if there are enough for everyone this week.  They're almost done.
  12. Chard - this is beautiful right now.  It's coming out of the hoop and is quite tender.
  13. Tat soi
  14. Slicing tomatoes or maybe some San Marzano roma tomatoes
  15. Herbs as available on the table - most likely mint, thyme, oregano and rosemary
  16. U-Pick flowers - 15 - 20 stems

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