Week 17, 9/21 & 9/24

This week's box contains the following:
  1. A bunch of kale
  2. A bunch of chard
  3. A bunch of arugula
  4. A large bag of lettuce - this is going to need to be soaked in a sink to fully clean it.
  5. Some cabbage - these are small heads of famosa cabbage which is a savoyed cabbage.  
  6. Either tomatillos or eggplant
  7. Beans - we shelled some of the larger yard-long beans for lunch today.  Then I sauteed them in some oil.  They were kind of dry - like a cooked fava - and crunchy.  It added a nice texture to the slaw and kale.
  8. Tomatoes
  9. Sweet peppers
  10. Spicy peppers
  11. Winter squash - either acorn or spaghetti or carnival.  There will be only one more serving of squash this season.  The squash didn't do well at all.  At least we have some.
  12. A head of garlic
  13. A large bunch of choi
  14. A large handful each of cilantro
  15. A large handful of basil
  16. A large handful of parsley
  17.  Herbs - tarragon, thyme, oregano, & sage
  18. U-Pick flowers - enjoy them before the frost!

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