Week 18, 9/28 & 10/1

The harvest for tomorrow is still underway but here's the plan:

  1. Napa cabbage or choi - Last Saturday we distributed a lot of Napa Cabbage and will do so again tomorrow.  You might consider making kim chi with it.  Some of the heads are HUGE - take a smaller one if the larger ones are overwhelming for you. You can use this fresh in a salad or sautee it or use it to make kim chi. 
  2. Maybe lettuce - not Wed. but if we don't distribute napa cabbage Sat then we'll hand out lettuce then.
  3. A bunch of radishes (white or red, some are longer) or a daikon radish.  The daikon is also huge - some up to a foot or more in length.  They are actually tasty raw now.  Some people use in soups.  Some people roast.  Some people grate it and add to tuna or other salads for a little spicy additive.  We use in kim chi or eat it raw.  Enjoy!
  4. Some beets.  They are quite sweet now.  Some are small but they're still tasty.
  5. Potatoes - watch for green skins.  If there are any, peel them off before you cook them.  Most are not green but green skins in root crops are not good to eat and can be carcinogenic..
  6. Some beans.  The beans have slowed down but are still producing and are still tasty even when huge.  Try them.  Maybe one more week to enjoy the fruits of summer.
  7. Choice of either eggplant or summer squash or tomatillos or something else - the fruiting veggies are slowing down with this cold weather.  We're still offering what we are able to harvest.  (the summer squash is coming from the hoop - an experimental planting that's doing pretty well)
  8. Sweet peppers
  9. Spicy peppers
  10. Senposai - this is a mix between mustard and cabbage but I don't find it as spicy as mustard.  The leaves, when mature, are huge.  It's relatively sweet.  Maybe you can make cabbage rolls with this or saute it like any other green.  Soup is always an option.
  11. A bunch of chard
  12. A head or 2 of garlic
  13. A bunch of arugula. You can eat it fresh or sauteed or try making pesto or using it to make pizza.   Yum!
  14. Tomatoes - The tomatoes in the field are almost done as the plants don't like this continuously wet weather.  But the tomatoes in the hoop are still producing.  This is good.  We'll continue to have some fresh tomatoes for at least a few weeks.  Hope you enjoy!
  15. Basil, parsley & cilantro
  16. A sunflower for seeds - try soaking these in a brine (3/8 c. of kosher salt to 8 c. water) for 8 hours then drain and dry in the oven on a very low temp.  The temp can be higher but make sure to stir them often as they will burn quickly.  Some people also toast in a skillet.  If you've roasted pumpkin seeds before, this is the same process.  Eat the shell and all.  Quite tasty and nutritious.
  17. Herbs - a mix of various herbs as available
  18. Flowers - It's a bit mucky in the flower patch but the flowers are still doing well.
I'll try to post a picture tomorrow when the harvest is all together.

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