Week 1 - spring, March 19

A couple of notes re. tomorrow's pick up:

  • Pickup is from 2:30 - 6:30.  
  • Our address is 6755 Scio Church Road, Ann Arbor, 48103.
  • We have a u-shaped drive.  Please enter from the east (you'll see the sign) and exit from the west.  Please remember that Scio Church is a 50 mph road and there's a passing lane in front of our house so look both ways before exiting and slow down well before the drive.  
  • Until the snow melts a little more, we're going to distribute from the front porch.  So, park in front of the house in single file and leave room so people can pass.  It should work out.  The driveway isn't paved - it's a crushed limestone base - so it can be a bit muddy and hard on your shoes, especially if you wear heals.  FYI.
  • Pick up will most likely be buffet style unless it gets really cold in which case I'll bag up the distributions and keep them in a cooler or something so they don't freeze.  But for tomorrow, you'll arrive, leave any money you owe in the "money jar", check off your name from the list and follow instructions on the white board.  I'll most likely be around and most members know the routine so if you need help, just ask someone.
  • If you'd like a quick tour tomorrow, I'm happy to do that.  Just ask.
  • Tomorrow we're working to distribute the following:
    • parsnips
    • leeks
    • carrots
    • potatoes
    • spinach
    • salad mix 
    • spicy mix (arugula/mustard/other?)
    • a bunch of greens (kale or collards or chard)
    • dried spicy peppers (these are thai)
    • an herb - either rosemary or cilantro.  Some of the rosemary took a hit from the cold so I might cut it back.  If I give it out, it won't be fresh - it will be dry (freeze-dried).
Thanks & see you all tomorrow!

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