Week 7 - spring!

We have a few new offerings this week!  Here's the list:

  1. Lettuce
  2. Chard
  3. Collards
  4. Green onions
  5. spicy peppers (dry)
  6. Radicchio - this is pretty bitter - try the recipe I posted last week.
  7. Mustard - great sauteed.  Good fresh if you like spicy greens
  8. Spinach - still great either fresh or sauteed
  9. Radishes - a small bunch - they're tasty
  10. Rhubarb!  The first of spring.  This variety is greenish so don't worry that it's not red.  It's ripe.  You can buy some strawberries and make a rhubarb strawberry pie or you can chop the rhubarb up into approx. 1/3" pieces, place in a sauce pan with just a little water and some sugar and cook down into a sauce - drizzle on top of ice cream.  Yum!  Some children like this raw - I used to - but it's too tart for me to eat like that now.
  11. Cilantro

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