Summer - Week 12

Hi there. I'm out of town so I'm using a dated distribution list to contact you all (cut and paste from an old email). I know some are omitted or accidentally included. Sorry if I miss people. Please forward if you notice an omission. 

We hope you've enjoyed the potatoes the last couple of weeks. They included Adirondack Blue and German Butterball.   The first is pretty cool as it keeps its lavender color when cooked- a favorite with the children. They're a bit drier than the butterballs. The butterballs are aptly named. Very tasty and great roasted or baked. 

This week's new item is spaghetti squash. I cut in half and place face down on a baking sheet in a 350 degree oven. You can remove seeds before or after cooking. Up to you. Add enough water to dish so it covers bottom of squash by about 1/8 " and bake for about an hour or until you can poke a fork though the outer skin. As the name implies, the fruit comes apart like noodles. Many people use in place of noodles with a sauce. I like it as a side dish with a little butter or olive oil and salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Other than that, we have a lot of tomatoes right now so you're probably be getting more than normal. Try a caprese salad or a fresh salsa. Maybe you'll get some cilantro this week as well. Spicy peppers are kicking in, too, so don't forget to take a jalapeƱo or Serrano to kick up your dish. You could also try poppers or use some Peppinos for shish kebob. Yum!

We also have a lot of kale. Lacinato, Siberian, Red Russipn, White Russisn and Winterbor. Also, collards. If you'd like to order some in bulk, we will sell it for $2/lb for orders of 10 lbs or more. It's a great way to put up some greens now for winter (blanche and freeze). 

It's that time of year when everything is starting to come in. It's a bit later than normal (okra and eggplant are slow) for some heat-loving fruiting veggies but it seems to be working out, as usual. Please let us know if you have any comments, concerns or questions. 


Jennifer & crew. 

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