Week 13 - August 20 & 21

This week we are distributing the following:

  1. 3/4 lb of beans
  2. Cherry tomatoes
  3. A slicing tomato
  4. Winter squash (either spaghetti or delicata) - cut these in half, lengthwise, and place face down in a baking dish and add a little water (1/4").  Bake at 350 until fork-tender.  The skin on the delicata is edible.  When done, scoop out squash and eat with a little salt and pepper, maybe some cheese.
  5. a sweet pepper
  6. either okra or eggplant or cucumber or tongue of fire beans or beets.  This week Tuesday members will receive the beans, next week it will be Wed.  These are a shelling bean and are in between dry and fresh beans - we simmered them in water for about 20 minutes.  I think if you added salt to the water it would be tasty but we didn't.  They were a bit dry but very good added to a salad with some dressing.  A nutty, bean.  Enjoy!
  7. Summer squash - yes, some are quite large.  Try a zucchini boat (stuff it and bake it in the oven) or slice and grill - that's a great way to eat it.  
  8. a bunch of carrots - these are a smaller variety - they are small but are fully mature.
  9. A bunch of chard
  10. A bunch of lacinato (or dinosaur) kale
  11. spicy peppers (3 - 4 serranos or peppinos or padron or a combo)
  12. a bunch of radishes
  13. a head of famosa cabbage (this makes a great wrap - Dave made nice stuffed cabbage rolls last year with this)
  14. garlic
  15. parsley (enough for taboulleh), some basil
  16. a small bunch of flowers

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