Summer - Week 4

This week we distributed a large amount of herbs.  This is a bit unusual.  Dry the rosemary, mint, etc. if you don't use it fresh.  I hang it upside down from a cabinet handle in the kitchen.  

If you picked up today (Wednesday) and didn't receive something, please let me know.  We went out and got back right at 7 and one member showed up and there was little left.  So, I either miscounted or forgot to list someone.  If you can make sure to check your name off on the list, that would help me to know that I have you on the right day (you're on the list).  Anyway, they got a freshly picked share of veggies so it all worked out.  But, if you missed out on anything, or ever do, please let me know.

We do harvest amounts per person.  Every once in awhile I have someone ask - if I don't like beets, can I take 2 heads of lettuce instead?  The answer is sorry but no.  If you don't like beets, you can leave them in the grab box and take something else from that box instead but you can't take 2 of something from the same box.  Just as importantly, if you don't like something, please move it to the "grab box" so someone else can take it.  That way, it all seems to work out.

Re storage & prep:  Root veggies need to be stored separately from their greens.  So, the turnips that we distributed today and last week & carrots & beets, etc. in the future:  cut off the greens and bag separately.  Store root veggies in a plastic bag.  They will keep for months this way as long as they're not too wet.  I serve many root veggies with the tops on because they are edible.  But, they will continue to try to grow and draw moisture from the root so the roots will become soft and mushy in a day or two if you don't cut off the greens.  Many veggies in the store are coated with a waxy coating to keep them from dehydrating but our veggies are not preserved in this way.  Trust me - they'll keep for MONTHS if you store them correctly.

Greens - many greens are a bit limp when you pick them up.  If this bothers you, just soak them in cold cold water for 20 minutes or so and they should spruce back up.  Lettuce is best stored in a salad spinner in your fridge.  It will keep for 2 weeks or more if you store it that way.

If you have any other questions about how to store or use an item, please let me know.


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