Summer - Week 6

It's fava time!  If you're not familiar with fava beans, you soon will be.  They are long pods - you open the pod and take out the beans.  Then I generally simmer them in a little water until they turn light green - maybe 2 or 3 minutes.  Then you peel off the outer layer of the bean and eat the bean.  They're small and tender right now so you can eat the outer layer (don't have to do the second peel).  As they get older, the outer layer becomes tougher and a little bitter.  Note:  the plants have been attacked this year by black aphids.  As a result, the plants are kind of a mess and some of the pods are colored (not green).  It's OK - just open up the pod.  Even some of the inner pods are a bit brown but the inner bean should still be fine.  The only problem I've found in previous years is if a bean beetle lays its eggs inside a pod then you might find worms inside a bean.  But I haven't found any yet and hopefully you won't either.

Today's box:
  1. A box of garlic scapes - these will be the last for the season.  Enjoy!
  2. A head of lettuce
  3. A bunch of collards - some have large holes in them but I still served them because, other than part of the leaf missing, they still look beautiful!  The cabbage worms have been busy.  I will be spraying BT soon (as soon as we have a break in the rain).  BT is a bacteria that kills caterpillars when they ingest it.  Small holes (pin size) are due to flea beetles.
  4. A bunch of arugula.  I think this is the prettiest arugula I've seen in a long time.
  5. Either squash or cauliflower or broccoli
  6. Either carrots or beets
  7. Either radishes or turnips
  8. A box of favas
  9. A bag of braising greens - cook or eat raw
  10. A pint of peas
  11. Some thyme, lavender and sage
  12. Some spicy peppers.
Enjoy!  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.  Thanks!


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