August 12 & 15, 2009

BUG INFO – Not much to speak of, here.

NOTE: Please ignore the labels on the baggies. You should check inside to see what’s in the bag.

Your Pre-Packaged Box this week includes:
• Kale – about ¾ lb – tied with red rubber band or Collards (yellow rubber band)
• A bunch of medium-sized carrots – try sautéing these in oil with some salt & a little water to steam them.
• 3 or 4 sweet peppers (not bagged) – may include a green, sweet banana and/or gypsy pepper
• A bunch of swiss chard – blue rubber band
• ½ head of cabbage (I split these as they’re the only ones we have right now)
• A small bag of Broccoli
• About 1 ¼ pounds of green and yellow wax beans (in bag)
• 6 or 7 summer squash (cozelle (green), crook neck (yellow) and early prolific (yellow))
• About 6 cucumbers
• A bag of salad greens which includes a few types of lettuce and Arugula
• Eggplant

Optional/extra Items – Please take:
• Optional herbs – sage, thyme, oregano, mint, dill, lavender
• Basil
• Tomatoes – take 2 slicers and 4 romas - Either Brandywine (darker), Early Girl, San Marzano (roma), or Delicious
• Spicy peppers which may include: jalapeno, pablano (large green spicy pepper), cayenne (skinny red pepper), or mole (longer thin greenish-purple pepper – about 8” long)
• A baseball bat (large squash)
• Peas
• Extra summer squash
• A bouquet of flowers – calendula, snap dragons, zinnias or sunflowers
• Okra – take them if you’d like.

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