July 8 & 11, 2009

BUG INFO – There are more cabbage bugs on the collards and might be a few in the broccoli heads and kale. You might want to soak in salt water if this bothers you. FYI.

Your Pre-Packaged Box this week includes:
• Kale – about 1 1/2 lbs – tied with green rubber band.
• Collards – about 1 1/4 lbs – tied with red rubber band
• Lettuce – bagged
• Swiss Chard – yellow rubber band
• Green Onions – 4
• Sugar Snap peas – a small baggie
• Shelling peas – a large baggie (crack in half and eat the peas. The shells are tough and we don’t eat them.)
• 3 - 4 Beets
• A few rutabaga – these are longer than turnips and have a really gnarly root. Also, the flesh of rutabaga is more yellow than turnip.
• A few turnips (these have more purple on top, are rounder, and have a smaller root than the rutabaga. Very white flesh compared to rutabaga)
• A baggie of basil
• 4 – 5 small carrots – they’re small but sweet. I grate them into my salads to help them go further or just slice them and serve raw
• A small head of broccoli
• One bulb of fennel
• A red onion

Optional Items – Please take:
• Optional herbs – sage, thyme, oregano, mint, dill & green coriander
• A couple of jalapenos
• Don’t miss the Arugula blooms – eat the buds and the flowers. They’re nutty. You can add to salads or eat as a snack.
• A few rhubarb (4 – 5) stalks

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