June 10 & 13, 2009

Saturday’s box will include a different Chinese Cabbage (more like bok choi)

Your Pre-Packaged Box this week includes:
• Kale – about 2 lbs., tied with yarn
• Collards – about 1 lb., tied with yarn
• Lettuce – ¾ lb. in bag
• Spinach – some
• Mesclun Salad mix & Arugula - some
• Mustard Greens – 1 bag
• Various blooms – 4 oz. – this is a combo of kale, broccoli raab, and pak choi blooms. Treat them as you would broccoli – either raw or cooked
• Chinese cabbage – about 1 ¼ lb., tied with yarn – the blooms are included and are tasty
• 1 Kohl rabi and 1 turnip
• A small bunch of cilantro
• 2 or 3 onions • A bunch of radishes – (French Breakfast, Cherry Belle, and 1 Minowase)

Optional Items – Please take:
• 1 Bearded Iris
• Herbs – take any that you would like – there’s oregano, thyme, parsley, and sage.

Notes: Re the kohl rabi – you can peel the bulb and slice it and eat it fresh with a little salt or lime juice (I eat it plain). You can also cook the greens like you would kale. Re. the turnip – you can also peel the bulb and eat it raw. Both bulbs can also be sautéed and added to a dish in place of mushrooms or water chestnuts. They’re sweeter cooked but are good raw as well!

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